All are welcome to the Fellowship Dinner Wednesday September 19th at 5:30pm featuring a Mexican Bar for our start of the Fellowship Meals. Come join us if you have never attended before. It’s a good way to get to know other church members, we have a good fellowship time together, and it’s a night you don’t have to do the cooking. If you plan on attending, the sign up sheet will be on the bulletin board.



 Harvest Home September 16th  “Let Us Share God’s Abundant Blessings!”Around the world, the end of summer heralds the start of annual harvest festivals, when farmers begin to reap the delicious rewards of their labor through the growing season. This year’s growing season was plagued with challenging weather; too much rain and the resultant flooding of fields have stressed out or destroyed the plants roots. There are many people whose lives are weighed down by the strain of poverty and food insecurity. Their challenges are most often multifaceted and pervasive. As we rejoice in the abundant blessings of God intended for all people, let us share from what we have been graced with, with those less fortunate than ourselves. Please bring your offerings of dried and canned goods and place them in the shopping cart in the narthex. We will display and ask God to bless them on Harvest Home Sunday, September 16th. All food donations will go to Project Outreach ministries.



Mark your calendars. Our church is scheduled for food distribution on Thursday, August 16th. Come out anytime from 9am – 12pm to help!  Everyone is welcome. No experience necessary! Check out Project Outreach’s new website at www.spring-fordprojectoutreach.org. The website is full of information regarding the many services offered for those in need in our community as well as important contact information and ways to help. Online donations can easily be made by clicking on the To Give page.  In addition, an easy way to contribute is by designating Project Outreach as your charity while shopping at Amazon, through the Amazon Smile link – smile.amazon.com/ch/23-2414477 Your regular shopping can made a difference.