Missions Archive

January 2012

Many Thanks for your Christmas Generosity!  When we asked for support for three working families in need, you responded with almost $300 in aid as well as invaluable donations of toys and clothing.  We were able to assist one family with grocery gift cards, and another with Christmas decorations and gifts for four children (the only gifts they received).  For a single soon-to-be mother with some serious pregnancy-related health concerns, we provided a car seat, infant clothing, and we were able to purchase a mattress for a donated crib.  We will be setting up the crib in the narthex to collect additional donations for the mother and baby.

Lisa, a nurse at the factory where these families work, is closely connected with their day-to-day needs as she works alongside a chaplain at the factory to help families escape the cycle of poverty.  She goes far above and beyond the requirements of her job, giving much of her own time and resources to assist needy families.  We were pleased to offer her a small gift of support for the mission work she is doing right here in our neighborhood. We also passed some of the donations, such as gas and grocery cards, along to Lisa, as she can offer them at the most critical moment for families she assists.  Lisa is planning a visit to St. James on a Sunday in the near future when she will share stories about her work and give us a better picture of the needs of these families.  Stay tuned for details about the date of her visit!