Endowment Fund

For over twenty years, St. James has had the privilege of caring for a unique ministry at the crossroads of stewardship, mission and outreach.  In 1998, the St. James UCC Endowment Fund was set up with funds received from the estate of Matilda Kutra. The money is invested in a Vanguard account to preserve and grow the investment and to produce income to distribute to designated charities. Growth comes from reinvesting capital gains and from additional contributions.

The Endowment Committee, with a mandate from Consistory, oversees applications and distributions from the Endowment, using only interest income in accordance with the St. James by-laws.  The Committee meets quarterly to review applications (the 4th Thursday in February, May, August, and the 3rd Thursday in November).  Applications should be sent to the church office 321 S. Limerick Road, Limerick PA 19468, by the 4th Sunday of the corresponding months.  Five members of the congregation sit on the Endowment committee in rotating three-year terms; they are voted in at our annual meeting as the representatives to this committee.

The categories for applications are Christian Education, Community Service & Outreach, and the Wider Mission of St. James UCC.  Please click here to view or download the complete application.  Forms are also available on the bulletin board in the narthex at the church.  The St. James Endowment Fund has been used to support a variety of organizations and activities, both local and around the world.

The endowment fund gives St. James the opportunity to participate in the community, expand our concept of stewardship, and help deserving groups with funds for their projects. Contributions to the Endowment fund are always welcome.