2013 Holy Week and Easter

2013 Holy Week Schedule
March 24-31

Palm Sunday
They took palm branches and went out to meet him, shouting, “Hosanna!
Blessings on the one who comes in the name of the Lord!” – John 12:13
Holy Week begins this year on March 24 at our 10:15am Service of the Word.
Along with a parade of palm branches, and our Children’s Easter Egg Hunt
following worship, we’ll also celebrate Daffodil Sunday on this date.

Maundy Thursday
March 28, 7:00pm ~ Our Passover “Seder” on Maundy Thursday is not
exactly a dinner, but a symbolic meal and series of interactive readings.
We will learn about the Jewish observance of the “Festival of Unleavened
Bread,” or Passover (which lasts for a week each Spring, beginning March
25 this year). Passover is the root of our Sacrament of Holy Communion, so
we will also share the Lord’s Supper around the table, just as Jesus and his
disciples did 2,000 years ago.

Prayer Vigil
“Couldn’t you stay alert one hour with me ?” -Matt. 26:4
March 28-29, 8:00pm-7:00am ~ All are invited into the sanctuary for an
overnight vigil of prayerful watching and waiting with Jesus, recalling the
night of his arrest in the garden of Gethsemane when he asked his
friends to keep awake and pray with him. We hope you will sign up for
an hour to keep watch for Christ. Our confirmation class will stay
through the night; and children of all ages are encouraged to participate.

Good Friday Prayer Breakfast
March 29, 7:00am ~ With the singing of hymns, we will remember
Christ’s saving death and we will share a simple breakfast together.
Please sign up at church or by email if you plan to attend the breakfast
or if you would like to bring a dish to share.

Easter Sunday Sacrament of Communion
“He isn’t here, but has been raised!” -Luke 24:6
Sunrise service 7:30am (Begins in the garden, weather permitting)
Easter breakfast 8:30am
Worship 10:15am
Please sign up in the narthex to reserve space
for your group at our annual Easter breakfast!