A note from our Moringa Community mission partners

Thank you for your partnership and generosity! The Moringa Community is grateful to accept your church’s generous donation of $567.59 from proceeds raised through the 2011 chicken barbeque, as well as $350 from the December Alternative Gift Market. As you know, Moringa is a charity fighting poverty in the third world through practical, locally appropriate trade education. Thank you for your continued support of our mission.
What all should know is that St. James UCC, coupled with private support from specific individual members of the congregation, has been Moringa Community’s most powerful supporter of our project since 2009. With your combined support, this past year has in particular been a key year in enabling us to further our quest toward our goal of self-sustainability of the project. Your congregation’s support has literally touched every single program we have developed over the past 3 years including our Canning and Food preservation, our Fabric Arts program, Farm Land purchase, our running water system, and even our project truck purchase, enabling us to put wheels on our project as well.
Thank you so much for your partnering with us at Moringa Community to bring the hope for a better future to the most desperately poor in Africa. Having spent a significant amount of time working on the ground in Central Ghana and with associated travel throughout the region, I cannot begin to describe the levels of poverty, desperation, and hunger witnessed. No people on earth should have to live this way. What I can say with confidence, however, is that the Moringa Project is changing this and truly impacting hundreds upon hundreds of people in a practical, positive, and sustainable way. In the years to come, building on the foundation our project has so firmly sunk into the fabric of the community we serve in Ghana, I am equally confident our project will go on to impact thousands more. Thank you all for your truly tangible help to make this work possible!
Jeff Lohr, on behalf of the Moringa Community