Worship Teams

Over the next few months, we will be getting ready to try out a new plan for worship leadership starting in January 2013. Our idea is to create seven “Worship Teams,” with each team led by a captain. Each worship team will include ushers, greeters, welcomers, communion assistants, an acolyte, a reader, and so on.  Each team will serve only seven times in the entire year, covering every Sunday except Easter, Christmas, and the Sunday following Christmas. For special holidays, we’ll recruit individuals instead.

The purpose of the worship teams is to organize our Sunday morning leadership so that we’ll have fewer last-minute scrambles to find the leaders we need; and so that it will be easier for volunteers to plan ahead. So, if you would be willing to commit to something like being an usher just seven times over the course of the year, this is a simple and brief, but important way to support the worship ministry of our church. We are especially looking for our seven captains, who will help their teams remember the schedule, and will help find substitutes when needed. Please talk to Jack Morris or Pastor Rachael if you’d like to help out as a captain. We’ll begin a survey in the bulletin and by email this October as a way to sign up for the various worship assistance positions.