Family Sing-A-Long Sundays

This Fall, we’d like to try out a new idea specially geared toward including children in our worship and music traditions. Parents, bring your kids; grandparents, bring the grandkids. Or, if you’re a kid at heart, just bring yourself!

We will meet on a Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. to learn a simple tune that everyone will sing together as the anthem during that Sunday’s service. We’ll try it out on Sunday October 21, and we’ve tentatively set Sunday November 18 as a future date, so that our members of all ages can offer music along with canned food donations as part of our Harvest Home celebration. We hope this we be a great time for everyone as we show our  children the importance of praising God through singing, share the music we learned and loved as children, and support our growing choral program by providing vibrant music for worship.

Children will begin learning the songs in Children’s Church. We especially hope this will encourage children (and even adults) who are a bit shy about singing in front of others ~ if a parent or grandparent is singing with them, choir can go from intimidating to exciting. In this way, children will become more comfortable with singing and worship leadership, as they prepare to be the future leaders of our churches.