The season of Epiphany officially begins on January 6 and lasts until Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent. The visit of the Magi to the Christ Child is what kicks off this celebratory time that precedes the penitence of Lent; but it’s not all about a star, some traveling sages, and some unusual gifts. Epiphany is a season of insisting on the glory of Christ’s guiding light even in the darkest times. For churches likes ours in the Northern part of the Northern hemisphere, the literal darkness of our shorter winter days helps underscore the meaning of Epiphany. But even on the sunniest days of summer, our need for Christ’s light is never diminished. We take this season to contemplate the ways in which we, like the Magi, are on a journey of faith. Sometimes we can see the star of Christ only at a far distance, and we must continue as individuals and as a church community to find the best path to that light. Our worship throughout the season will be filled with hymns, Scriptures, prayers, and candle-lighting to help us focus on the journey we walk together, and the goal we seek of reaching Christ and living in the light of his presence.