Missions Update

Thank you to our entire St. James community for your generosity with several of our recent missions collections. In December 2012, our “mitten tree” project was a huge success. We collected 33 pairs of gloves and mittens, 17 scarves, and 35 hats. The items were then sent to Ponca Creek UCC in South Dakota. Judy Hanson from Ponca Creek told Phil Levering of our Missions Committee that the children were very happy to gets these items as winter there is brutally cold and long. They sent along thanks to St. James for the generous donation.

We also had a fun and friendly competition for our annual Souper Bowl of Sharing! The final was 211 points, with the Ravens winning! Half of the donations went to the Hope Rescue Mission in Reading (all of the instant soup and toiletries); and the rest of the donations of shelf-stable food items went to Project Outreach.

Finally, on February 17, we raised $480 for our Blanket Sunday collection! One of the most important efforts of Blanket Sunday is providing durable wool blankets that are essential to disaster relief efforts. These blankets can be used for warmth, tents, and emergency stretchers, among other things. Your generous donations can mean the difference between life and death in the most critical moments of disaster response. Thank you for reaching out in the spirit of Jesus Christ to those who are most in need!