Congregational Meeting

On November 14th, there will be a St James Congregational Meeting after worship, to vote on our budget for next year, members for Consistory and Endowment Committee, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, and a special motion to support our Mission Partners” in the event St James does not balance it’s budget for 2021.

Please plan to attend, as it is essential that we have a quorum of the congregation present.

Endowment Committee Meeting


The endowment committee’s next meeting will be on Thursday, November 18. If you wish to submit any funding requests, please submit them prior to that date for review at the meeting. Any requests should have one of the below criteria:

▪ Christian Education. Grants for special programs for children, youth, and adults enabling them to grow in their understanding of the Christian faith. Scholarship and/or grants for the purpose of attending college and seminary to prepare for a church-related vocation, retreats, and

leadership conferences.

▪ Community service and Outreach. Programs and services through social service agencies,

community action groups, and ecumenical

agencies relating to the spiritual, social, and

economic needs of persons in the community the church serves.

▪ Wider Mission of St. James UCC. Programs and services worldwide in such areas as new church development, professional leadership,

educational ministries, evangelism, and world mission.