Join Phil and Joanne Levering, our St. James coordinators and part of the Team for the Springford CROP Walk, on October 16th . The starting location is First UCC ,Spring City 145 Chestnut Street. Registration opens at 1pm. We will be joining other local churches and 75 walkers for a 3 mile walk around both Spring City and Royersford. There are two rest breaks and cold drinks along the way. Each year our walk raises an amazing $8,000-10,000. 25 % stays in our community to help fight hunger. CROP Hunger Walks are sponsored by Church World Service. The money raised is used very wisely, getting a very high % of the funds to where it is needed for emergency services to displaced people. See to learn more about all the ways the Crop Walk transforms lives.





Little Free Library: On August 28th, during our 9:15 a.m. service, St. James United Church of Christ, located at 321 S. Limerick Road, Limerick, Pa., is dedicating a Little Free Library for use by the community. We give thanks for the hearts that envisioned this and for Russell Brightbill’s hands that crafted this with love. Everyone is free to take a book, read it, keep it, give it away, or return it to the Little Free Library. It is located on the church grounds just off the parking lot, at the beginning of the sidewalk to the outdoor pavilion and prayer labyrinth. May it open a world of wonder and delight to the adults and children in the surrounding neighborhoods and community.

Little Free Library

( from Left to Right is Adrien Cibulsky, Katelyn Zabroski, Victoria Zabroski, and Robert Smith)


Advent is the first season of the liturgical (worship) calendar* for the church’s year.  Beginning on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, the four weeks of the Advent season focus on the two comings of Christ:  Jesus’ birth which we celebrate on Christmas (December 25) and the second coming which will happen at an undefined time when all creation will experience the fulfillment of God’s promises for love and life.  Advent is a season of excited anticipation, fertile waiting, and the tension between what is and what is to come.  During Advent we prepare ourselves for God’s presence – within ourselves and in the world.  Special colors, music, scripture readings, decorations, and traditions help inspire us throughout the Advent season.


Advent2 Advent1

Jack and Emily Focht lighting the second candle in Advent.