Lehigh Valley Super Utilizer Partnership

A St James Mission Partner

     The Lehigh Valley Super Utilizer Partnership is a project in the Allentown area, based on a successful model developed by Dr. Jeff Brenner of the Camden Coalition for Health Care. Among its goals are to , “Improve quality of life and health of high utilizer patients” and to, “Reduce health cost…” Their patients are the “sickest of the sick” in the Lehigh Valley, people with broken lives who otherwise fall through the cracks of our society’s support system.

     In particular, our partnership focuses on supporting the work of Lisa Cordero, a Parish Nurse who leads the outreach team. Lisa has a passion for serving God, and feels called to serve the body, soul, and spiritual needs of these people. She tells us that,

          “It is my experience as a faith based nurse to seek opportunity to show the love of Christ, and often times His love is best seen in meeting tangible needs in moments of crisis. It opens the door to show we truly care. It paves the way for the initial months and once they are out of crisis, they can begin to trust that the hands and feet of those serving them are actually the hands and feet of those who love Christ. It is amazingly beautiful!”

     Through our partnership, we enable Lisa to meet temporary tangible needs of patients in crisis that might not otherwise be possible.

     We provide support in the form of: donations of requested new or gently used items, hands on help, and monetary contributions.

     Come and get to know Lisa better when she joins with us in worship on Sunday May 18th.

     And to learn more about what others have to say about the program, follow the link below: